About Us

About Us

We are Greg, Brandy, and our little shih tzu named Katniss Everdeen, and we love full timing in our RV.  While not married, we have been together for over eleven years and got engaged after only a short ten years.  We currently live in Utah and are both flight crew for an airline. We can literally live anywhere we want, as long as it’s kind of near an airport that can get us to Phoenix or Dallas.  I have an 11 year old son that alternates between us and my ex-wife.  For now, we are staying in the Park City area, and anywhere within 1-2 hours from there.  This way my son and I are still always together, and we have plenty of beautiful areas to stay, both paid and boondocking on free BLM land.

We lived in the RV for about 5 months before we actually hit the road while we waited to get rid of our house.  This gave us valuable time to work out the bugs that all RVs will have. Most issues were minor, but some were major, such as a leaking black tank and kitchen gray tank.  These are big issues, but especially since our RV is sealed underneath and the material is a few hundred bucks to replace each time it gets saturated.  The kitchen gray tank was a simple swap, but with the black tank, we decided to eliminate its need and install a Nature’s Head composting toilet.  I tied the two front gray tanks together, giving us over 100+ gallons of storage for the shower, washer/dryer, and bathroom sink drains.

Our eventual goal is to retire and sail around the world as my parents have done, but that has to wait just a bit for as we are only in our early 40’s. We weren’t feeling attached to our house, and frankly it was too large for just the 2-3 of us.  One day, Brandy said to me that she was tired of having to keep up with the house and the yard.  I was feeling the same way as well.  We had talked about full timing in an RV, so I mentioned the idea again, and she was instantly on board, 100%.  After researching what type of RV we wanted, we made the purchase two months after the original conversation.

We already had the truck, a Ford F250 with the 7.3L diesel engine.  That thing is a tank, we love it.  So from there, it was pretty easy to decide that a fifth wheel was the way for us to go.  The only issue, was that the truck has a big 8″ lift on it.  That’s not an issue if you are towing a travel trailer, but it is with a fifth wheel.  With a typical ball hitch you see on the back of a truck, you can lower (or raise) it as needed to keep your trailer level.  We have a 12″ drop on our ball hitch, but you can’t do that with a 5’er.  The solution was to have someone weld a square sub frame under the trailer’s frame to match the truck’s lift. Basically, they cut off everything below the 12″ I-frame of the trailer, welded in an 8″ tall steel box sub frame, and then welded all the suspension back on.  The trailer was 12′ 6″ before, and now rides at 13″ 4″.  It is very stable, even in high crosswinds.

We hope to provide some insight and assistance on RV’ing, even some of the simplest issues can seem daunting when you’ve never dealt with them before.  We love RV’ing, we love life, we truly are, RV Life Lovers.


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RV Life Lovers
(Greg and Brandy)