Perfect Bedroom Fan

Perfect Bedroom Fan

If you’re like me, you need a little noise and a small breeze to fall asleep and to have a great night’s sleep. In our sticks and bricks house, I ran the ceiling fan in the bedroom and used a little $4 Walmart fan on my nightstand, which served more as a noise maker than an air mover. I had to figure what would work best in the RV’s bedroom. Since space is a premium, I wanted something that was not going to take up any counter space, meaning it could be mounted underneath the TV cabinet. It also had to be 12v so it could be used off grid without having to run the inverter. I did a lot of research, more than I’d like to admit, for my perfect fan. I settled on a mouse cage style instead of a typical 3-4 blade fan. It produces a much stronger flow air, focuses the air in one direction, and makes very little noise, but enough to solve my need for white noise. It draws only 1.25 amps on high, but I use it at half speed at night (it has two settings) which only draws .58 amps. The ad listing says you can feel the air up to ten feet away, but it’s more like ten feet. At 20 feet, it’s a nice strong blast of air for such a small fan.

I mounted it out of the way and underneath our TV cabinet in the bedroom. I used a single bolt, through the center of the base. This allows the fan to be rotated 360 degrees (really 180 because it’s next to the wall). The fan is adjustable up and down as well. Since it blows so well, another benifit that I didn’t anticipate is using it to circulate air in the whole RV. By leaving the bedroom door open and aiming it over the stairs and towards the living room, it really helps keep a more uniform temperature in the whole RV. In the summer, our bedroom gets colder than the kitchen/living room, and in the winter the bedroom gets hotter (yes, I did install closable floor vents).

As for powering the fan, I was fortunate to have a 12v light underneath the TV cabinet. I simply removed the light, spliced into the wiring, and then replaced the light. The fan came with a cord that’s about four feet long. I cut the cigarette ligher plug off, but kept the cord at its original length, which I then stuffed up in the light fixture’s hole. This way, I’ll still have a long cord if I ever decide to move it.

The fan is less than $20, and honeslty it one of my favorite things in the whole RV. If you’re looking for something like this, I highly recommend it.

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