Great RV Spice Storage

Great RV Spice Storage

I know this might not seem like a great hack, but it made a huge difference for us.  Spice bottles, for us, fall over during transit, or just from being knocked around while reaching for other items.  Eventually, spices would get lost and the cupboards just got cluttered.  We needed a solution, and are very happy with this choice.

A great way to organize your spices in your RV.An effective way to save storage space for your RV spices.

The round storage tins have a magnet on the back, which allows them to stick to our refrigerator.  Be sure magnets stick to your fridge before buying these, otherwise you’ll be disappointed. The magnet is strong, however, the heavier items such as garlic salt, will cause the tin to slide down the refrigerator.  Our fridge/freezer has a black plastic trim piece at the bottom of the door. By just positioning the heavy spices on the bottom row against the trim, solved any problems caused by this.  The spices are very stable, even during transit.

Magnetic RV spice rack storage

By rotating the cap, you can get the spices out through either a slot or four small holes.  Removing the lid is also an easy option for the spices that don’t fit through the smaller openings.  The labels come with the set, and there are a lot of them.  We are very happy with this purchase. Enjoy and bon appetite!!!

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Magnetic Spice Storage Tins
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